Opinion Pieces

The Heartland Institute
Climate Doom Ahead? Think Twice. (1/19/2019)
Heartland Science Panel Brings Realism to UN Climate Conference (12/27/18)
Fossil Fuels Critical to Prosperity NIPCC Report Shows (12/21/2018)
National Climate Assessment Criticized as Badly Flawed (12/18/2018)
The IPCC’S Latest Climate Hysteria (10/15/2018)

NIPPC neutral modvægt til IPCC (Norway) (9/16/2013)

The Australian
NIPCC has reached opposite conclusions on climate (9/9/2013)

American Thinker
The IPCC is still wrong on climate change. Scientists prove it (10/8/18)
The climate warming pause goes AWOL (or not) (6/4/15)
Editor of Science Magazine Should Resign! (7/28/15)
The Coming Paradigm Shift on Climate (3/27/2014)
A New Study Says Benefits of Global Warming Greatly Exceed Costs (3/25/14)
Non-governmental climate scientists slam the UN’s IPCC (11/3/13)
IPCC ‘s Bogus Evidence for Global Warming (11/12/13)

Happy Memorial Day, You Stupid, Arrogant, Liberal Global Warming Alarmist! (5/29/17)

BYU-Idaho Scroll
DISSENSION: Bullying doesn’t work (1/31/17)

Cal Thomas (nationally syndicated column)
Climate Change Ice-Capped (9/19/13)

Canada Free Press
Conservative MP Braid must learn from real scientists before speaking out on climate change (1/7/14)

Cedar Rapids Gazette
New Report Counters Climate Scare (9/16/13)

Chicago Tribune Triblive
Climate change certainties? (10/28/13)

Climate Depot
UN IPCC All Wet On Climate Change, Says Consensus Busting NIPCC Report  (4/9/14)

Climate Science International
Rhetorical Mistakes of Letter Writers Attacking ICSC in the Gazette (9/30/13)

Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia)
Report Gives Truth on Climate Change at Last (9/17/13)

Daily Caller
The Energy Secretary Is Right On Climate Change (6/27/17)
Earth Day Must Divorce Itself From The Climate Scare (4/21/17)
Mankind’s impact on climate is negligible (11/7/13)

Friends of Science
NIPCC- Climate Change Reconsidered II – 2013-2014 (2014)

Another Survey Of Meteorologists Undercuts Climate Alarmism (4/13/16)
The IPCC’s Latest Report Deliberately Excludes And Misrepresents Important Climate Science (3/31/14)
The Coming Revelation Of The ‘Global Warming’ Fraud Resembles The Obamacare Lie (11/12/13)
Objective Science Unmasks Global Warming Alarmists As The True Science ‘Deniers’

Gateway Pundit
Confirmed- Independent Peer Reviewed NIPCC Report Finds No Links Between Man and Climate Change (5/31/14)

The Gazette
Global warming campaigners present fallacies (11/13/13)
Climate policies affect everyone (11/9/13)

The Hill
Efforts to cap CO2 emissions are adverse to human health and welfare (1/30/14)

The Herald News
Guest Opinion: ‘Noble lies’ damaging environmentalism (4/23/14)

The Hockey Schtick
New paper finds corals not affected by life-long exposure to high CO2 levels (11/14/13)

Illinois Review
Heartland Institute Answers Global Warming Claims with New Release (11/6/13)
New Heartland Institute Scientific Study Shows Why Climate Change is Not a Crisis (9/20/13)
Heartland Conference Call Reveals Inaccuracy of Climate Model Predictions (9/13/13)
Questions About Whether Global Warming Is a Hoax? Hop on These Calls (9/8/13)

Investors Business Daily
United Nations’ IPCC Report Keeps The Alarm Ringing Read More At Investor’s Business Daily (3/31/14)
Climate Alarmists Seek Shelter From Public Storm (10/16/13)

Back at Ya, IPCC: ‘Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science’ (Part II) (9/24/13)

New American
In Paris, Scientists Debunk UN “Climate” Hysteria (12/8/15)

Cool Heels on Climate Change Actions, Skeptics Say (4/18/14)

Nigerian Echo
The link between man-made warming and hurricane activity is unclear (11/16/13)

Online Opinion
UN climate delegates failing everyone (11/25/13)

Orange County Register
Debate Is Heating Up, but Planet Keeps Its Cool (11/22/13)

In Shift, Key Climate Denialist Group Heartland Institute Pivots to Policy (11/2/2018)

The Heartland Institute – helping teachers get climate change “right”! (1/12/14)

PJ Media:
IPCC Backpedals on Extreme Weather Claims (11/2/13)
UN Climate Delegates Failing Everyone, Developed and Developing Alike (11/21/13)
Faith-Based IPCC Turns Science into Sin (11/21/13)
Telling ‘Noble Lies’ About Climate Change Will Backfire (11/18/14)

The Tide is Turning: Truth About the Climate on TV in San Diego (11/20/13)

San Antonio Express-News
Dire Climate Warnings Not Happening (9/27/13)
Studies Show Earth Warming More Slowly Than Predicted (10/18/13)

Sign of the Times
Blaming the developed world for the forces of nature (12/3/13)

UN climate delegates failing everyone (11/25/13)

Taunton Gizette
Politically correct coal rally missed the target (11/3/13)

The Trumpet
‘Because I Said So’ (May 2015)

Times of Swaziland
Climate Change Doesn’t Cause Extreme Weather (10/15/13)

Toronto Sun
Town halls on climate change are a setup (7/10/16)

Climate Realists Must Hold Trump’s Feet to the Fire (12/7/16)
Real Climate Science the IPCC Doesn’t Want You to See (9/19/13)

Tulsa Beacon
Scientists disagree on global warming (7/14/16)

Wall Street Journal
Global Warming Impacts Widespread, U.N. Panel Says (3/31/14)

Watts Up With That
Getting a Second Opinion on IPCC’s View of Climate Change (9/16/13)

Watts Up With That
USA Today Serves Fruits and Nuts on Global Warming (10/13/13)

Warning Signs
Global Warming: The BIGGEST LIE Exposed (9/21/13)

Washington Examiner
AntiClimate Camp Offers Scott Pruitt Help in Meeting Court Order (6/7/18)
The Age of Climate Alarmism is Coming to an End (10/19/13)
Heartland Institute Climate Change Panel Reveals Science the UN Suppresses (9/27/13)

Washington Times
The flaw in Trump’s energy plans (7/5/17)
Restoring Facts to Climate Science (9/16/13)

World Net Daily
Big Climate News You Won’t Hear About (9/17/13)

West Virginia Illustrated
McKinley Only Partly Right on Climate Change (9/12/13)

USA Today
IPCC Exaggerates Risks: Opposing View (9/14/13)

US News and World Report
At ‘America First Energy Conference’, Solar Power Is Dumb, Climate Change Is Fake (8/9/2018)
A Carbon Tax Would Be Bad for the Poor, and Everyone Else (10/7/15)

Vancouver Sun
Developed World Not Responsible for Natural Disasters (12/5/13)

Additional opinion pieces:

Scientific Critique of IPCC’s 2013 ‘Summary for Policymakers’
Craig Idso, Robert M. Carter , S. Fred Singer, Willie Soon – October 16, 2013

Vitenskapelig kritikk av IPCCs 2013, ‘Summary for Policymakers’ (Norwegian Translation)
Craig Idso, Robert M. Carter , S. Fred Singer, Willie Soon – December 16, 2013